About us

Contract Instrumentation Services Ltd was established in 1997 and is a company that offers a complete solution to all of your industrial instrumentation and control requirements from system design through to installation and commissioning.

What we do

Our company can supply, install, service and calibrate a wide range of industrial instruments to measure and control most process parameters such as temperature, pressure , level flow, pH, conductivity and density along with many others. We also supply a large range of QA and laboratory testing equipment for a wide range of industries. See our products page for a great selection.


We have many years of plant and process experience in industries as diverse as Food and Beverage, Brewing, Dairy, Pulp and Paper, Petrochem, Water and Waste and Power Generation. We can supply the right equipment for the application at a competitive price and being an independent company we can offer a wide range of options. We have experience with all the major instrument brands such as Foxboro, Yokogawa, Rosemount, Endress and Hauser and ABB to name a few.

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