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Contract Instrumentation Services Ltd

Contract Instrumentation Services - providing solutions for all industrial
instrumentation and control requirements.

Specialist Instrument Technicians

Our technicians supply, install, service and calibrate a broad spectrum of industrial instruments to measure and control most process parameters.

Dedicated 'In the Field' Services

From a single instrument call to a full plant shutdown, Contract Instrumentation Services is dedicated to getting the best from your existing systems and maintaining your plant.

Proven Experience & Know-how

Established in 1997, Contract Instrumentation Services has a long-standing reputation for knowledgeable and friendly service at a competitive price.


Contract Instrumentation Services have recently sold one of the state of the art Optest FQA 360 fibre analysers to Scion in Rotorua. Scion have purchased the FQA360 with the optional 6 beaker carousel assembly.

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